Achieving ADA-Compliant Parking Lot Striping: A Guide by LA Softwash

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Discover the critical ADA parking lot striping requirements to create an inclusive environment. LA Softwash provides expert insights for compliance.
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Maintaining an accessible and compliant parking lot is not only a legal requirement but also an essential aspect of creating an inclusive and welcoming environment for everyone. At LA Softwash, we understand the significance of adhering to ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) striping requirements to ensure that your parking lot meets the highest standards of accessibility.

This blog post will delve into the critical aspects of requirements based on the information gathered from various reliable sources.

one of six accessible parking spaces but always at least one must be van accessible gigapixel lines width 1080px
One of six accessible parking spaces, but always at least one, must be van-accessible
where four or fewer parking spaces are provided on a site signage is optional to identify the van accessible parking space. gigapixel lines width 1080px

Where four or fewer parking spaces are provided on a site, signage is optional to identify the van-accessible parking space.

Understanding ADA Parking Lot Striping Requirements:

  1. Accessible Parking Spaces: ADA regulations dictate the specific requirements for accessible parking spaces, including car spaces with a 60-inch-wide access aisle and van-accessible spaces with a 96-inch access aisle. Properly positioned signs, level aisles, and boundary markings are crucial, along with higher clearance for van-accessible spaces.
  2. Location and Placement: Accessible parking spaces should be strategically located for easy access to entrances. In cases of multiple entrances, dispersed accessible spaces near each entry are recommended. For existing lots, accessible spaces should be placed near entrances on a level area with a slope not exceeding 1:12.
  3. Clustering and Equivalence: ADA guidelines allow for clustering of accessible spaces if equivalent accessibility in terms of distance, fees, and convenience is maintained. This approach can be particularly useful in parking garages, where van-accessible spaces can be clustered on one floor to ensure vertical clearance.
  4. Technical Assistance: If you have questions or need assistance regarding ADA compliance, resources like the ADA Information Line and website can provide the necessary guidance. The U.S. Access Board also offers free technical assistance through their helpline and email for addressing accessibility-related queries.
  5. Professional Services: Ensuring your parking lot’s ADA compliance requires specialized expertise. Companies like LA Softwash in Louisiana offer professional ADA parking striping services. Our experts can assist in calculating the required accessible parking spaces, determining proper positioning, and ensuring correct signage placement for full compliance.
  6. Access Board Guidelines: The U.S. Access Board has issued comprehensive guidelines for pedestrian facilities in public right-of-ways. These guidelines include pedestrian access routes, curb ramps, detectable warning surfaces, and more. They apply to alterations, additions, and new constructions under ADA Title II, ABA, and Section 504.
60 96 space ada parking lot striping gigapixel lines width 1080px

Notes for the above image:

  1. Parking space identification signs with the international symbol of accessibility complying with 703.7.2.1 mounted 60 inches minimum above the ground surface measured to the bottom of the sign.
  2. If the accessible route is located in front of the parking space, install wheel stops to keep vehicles from reducing the clear width of the accessible route below 36 inches.
  3. Two parking spaces may share an access aisle except for angled parking spaces (see below). Access aisle width is at least 60 inches, must be at the same level and length as the adjacent parking space(s) it serves, maximum slope in all directions is 1:48, and the access aisle must connect to an accessible route to the building. Ramps must not extend into the access aisle.
  4. Parking space shall be 96 inches wide minimum, marked to define the width, and the maximum slope in all directions is 1:48.
  5. The boundary of the access aisle must be clearly marked so as to discourage parking in it. (State or local laws may address the color and manner that parking spaces and access aisles are marked.)


At LA Softwash, we understand the importance of ADA parking lot striping requirements in establishing a welcoming and accessible environment for all individuals. 

Our unwavering commitment to excellence, expertise, and state-of-the-art equipment ensures that your parking lot aligns with or surpasses ADA standards. Whether you are considering restriping, reconfiguring, or creating an ADA-compliant parking area, you can rely on LA Softwash to provide the exceptional service you deserve.

Contact us today for a free assessment and quote, and let LA Softwash be your trusted partner in achieving ADA-compliant parking lot striping that resonates with the highest benchmarks of accessibility and inclusivity.

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