Can You Pressure Wash A Roofing System?

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Can You Pressure Wash A Roofing System

The Brief

Find out if pressure washing your roof is dangerous and how it could damage your home. The answers might surprise you!
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Removing moss, algae, and streaks from your roofing system is crucial in expanding its life expectancy; nonetheless, you must constantly be cautious. High pressure to clean your roofing system can trigger architectural damage to the shingles, so it is never advised to power wash a basic roof covering. This article will provide you with all the information you require to make the most effective selection for treating your roof covering.

Why You Must Not Pressure Clean a Roof Covering

Pressure washing your roofing is dangerous for various factors. While you wish to ensure that your roofing is secured, you need to be keeping your safety in mind likewise frequently. As formerly defined, using greater pressure when washing roofing can trigger architectural problems. With architectural problems comes premature replacement, which is specifically what you are attempting to remain clear of when cleaning the roofing.

before after can you pressure wash roofing system
before after can you pressure wash roofing system

Furthermore, attempting to pressure wash a roofing system can be extremely risky. Whether you are more than likely to attempt to wash it from a ladder or walk around on the roofing system, utilizing high-powered devices on elevations is incredibly hazardous as well as not suggested. Put simply, it is not safe to pressure clean a roof.

Why You Should Soft Wash a Roofing

A soft wash approach is one of the most reliable techniques for eliminating moss, algae, and additionally black touches (Gloeocapsa lava) from your roof. Soft washing counts on an application of cleaners to eliminate these pollutants and is followed by a very light rinse. With this procedure, moss will definitely spend some time to diminish because the origins require it to launch itself from the floor tiles naturally.

Soft washing your roofing system is furthermore fantastic for ascertaining that everything stays structurally sound. By eliminating the area contaminations and ensuring the tiles are left completely intact, you will lengthen your roof’s life expectancy.

Points to Consider Before Soft Washing

Right here are some points to take into consideration before going on with having your roofing soft-washed:

  • Soft washing is the finest for basic roofing systems with asphalt roof tiles. Slate roofing systems can be soft cleaned likewise; however, bear in mind that cleansers may create discoloration to copper gutters.
  • Since soft washing is very different from pressure washing, you must work with a professional firm to take care of it. Ensuring that whatever is done safely and effectively is important when dealing with roofing.
  • Soft washing will certainly handle growths and area contaminations on the roofing system, yet any type of bits that is removed is unintentional. Considering that virtually no pressure is being made use of, particles like leaves as well as sticks will certainly remain to get on the roofing system. Thankfully, those fragments are not eating away at the ceramic tiles creating problems like moss or black spotting.

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